Review of Silent Men EP by The Mirror Trap

Dundee quintet The Mirror Trap have released three albums between 2011 and 2014 and are fresh off of supporting Placebo on their UK tour.  Scheduled to appear at a handful of festivals over the summer, this release is a combination of material from their last record 'Stay Young' and new output.

The Mirror Trap Silent Men EP

'Little Ease' is a high-octane call to arms for the discontented; a full-on alternative rock anthem enthused with an attitude to match impressive energy.  Dropping the dynamic slightly, 'Killing Time' is a memorable indie number highlighting a more melodic aspect of the band, while 'Afterdark' is kindly reminiscent of The Cure.  Further exploring the disciplines of guitar music is the punkish 'American Dreams' and it is only title track 'Silent Men' which fails to land a positive impression, though the social commentary will certainly resonate with the working class.  There is enough here though to keep fans looking forward to future output, while for the uninitiated this should be persuasion to check out the back catalogue.


Alex Lai

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