Review of Simulations Album by The Mirror Trap

Recorded at Karma Sound Studios in Thailand, 'Simulations' is the latest full length release from Dundee outfit The Mirror Trap.  With festival appearances spanning Derby to Tokyo scheduled, the band will then join regular touring partners Placebo for shows across Europe in autumn.

The Mirror Trap Simulations Album

It does so much to set the tone for a record when the band attack the initial bars of the opening track with vigour; something that occurs with 'Under The Glass Tower' and is carried through a sweeping rocker.  The juddering introduction to 'New Trace' is another way to capture attention as The Mirror Trap tear through another enthusiastic number, while 'Something About Forever' is an up-tempo piece of shimmering guitars.  'Piranhas' sees the pace drop a touch for an angst-filled cut, while a surprising display of versatility sees a 'Joyride' provide a serene respite from the audio assault - until the closing crescendo anyway.   They return to dynamic ways for the remainder of 'Simulations', with 'Bleach Your Bones' being a particularly enjoyable way to conclude proceedings.  The hooks are not always the strongest, but there is no denying the dedication and belief that The Mirror Trap have for their work - there's no going through the motions here.  This alone makes for a record that is worth giving some time to.

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