Review of Burning Sun & The Atomic Powers Within Album by The Mining Co.

Led by London-based musician Michael Gallagher, who penned the all of the tracks on this record, The Mining Co. self-releases this album.  Produced by the outfit along with Paco Loco, it was recorded at his Spanish studio and mixed in the same country.

The Mining Co. Burning Sun & The Atomic Powers Within Album

The nine tracks that comprise this release are country-centric and even to untrained ears, have their roots in the southern Unites States.  From the opening bars of 'Country Heart', with Gallagher's drawl and sliding steel pedal guitar, it is clear that this isn't an attempt at country-pop crossover that the likes of Taylor Swift and Shania Twain have employed at various times.  'Cover Of Night' is a likable and wistful mid-tempo number, while the intricate acoustic guitar on 'Copper Ghosts' is admirable and warming.  Taking a slower approach is the haunting 'Ballad Of The Mining Company', with its near spoken vocal delivery, but proceedings are ended with greater urgency on the sweeping 'Keep On Rollin''.  Gallagher certainly knows his core material, but the intentional lack of mainstream crossover appeal limits his audience, if not his artistic integrity.  For fans of the genre, this may be worth investigation, but it's unlikely to capture the attention of others.

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