Review of We Are Done Single by The Madden Brothers

Good Charlotte were among the most memorable pop punk bands of the early 2000s, and now twin co-members Benji and Joel Madden (frontman and guitarist) have broken off to form aptly named side project The Madden Brothers. With GC in mind, their new single 'We Are Done'is not at all what you'd expect from the pair.

The Madden Brothers We Are Done Single

Starting out with a light, summery guitar pattern that continues on throughout the verses, the song has a 60s, Beach Boys feel to it, especially when you add in in Benji's charming vocals. These elements are elevated further with the huge gospel vibe of the chorus, the harmonisations dramatically singing out, 'we are done with being a silent many, every voice rings out and carries'. If you heard this song unaware of who it was, you wouldn't guess in a million years that it was written by the creators of such rock hits as 'The Anthem' and 'Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous'.

However, even though this is an impressive change of sound, it's not an impressive song altogether. Lyrics like 'I want you to know it's time to go, yeah, we are done' just feel lazy, like the band are using every opportunity to reiterate that they are 'done' with something. The chorus, while startlingly different, is equally bland, and doesn't sound like it has actually been influenced by original gospel music.

'We Are Done' is admirable in many ways because The Madden Brothers are attempting to stretch their wings rather than just relying on Good Charlotte's pop-punk sound that has built their careers. Unfortunately though, shock value (which is only applicable if you're familiar with Good Charlotte) isn't enough to render this a good single and it sounds and feels like your average empty chart song.


Max Cussons

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