Review of Insubordia PT II Album by The Lost Poets

In 2014, The Lost Poets dropped 'Insubordia'. The duo is now ready to drop 'Insubordia PT II' (Feb. 26). Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, The Lost Poets have taken up residency in Los Angeles as they attempt to conquer the U.S. music scene. Stylistically, The Lost Poets may be described as rock/swamp blues/sludge. Swamp blues is characterized by slow tempos, while sludge metal is characterized by slow tempos, heaviness and a dark ambience.

The Lost Poets Insubordia PT II Album

The Lost Poets combine components of both sludge and swamp blues into a cogent rock sound. Vocally, the duo sounds a bit like David Bowie, with the same lilting sonic cadence. It's good stuff!

'Insubordia PT II' contains ten tracks and eight of the ten are excellent; the final two tracks - 'As Long As I Am Conscious And Clear In My Mind' and 'Monomyth' fall a tad short of the others, but they aren't bad. They're just not as strong as the previous eight tunes.

The first track, 'Insubordia PT II', is pretty much grunge rock with hints of sludge tossed in for good measure. Bowie-esque space rock vocalizations ride atop a simple, yet strong melody. Next up is 'Danny Electro', a swampy blues tune of slow tempo and a strong, sparse melody. The song's vocals are sepulchral, adding to the tune's dark ambience.

'Bound' hits the sweet spot with its rock/sludge influence and some stellar cymbal work by the drummer. 'Bound' is almost as good as the next song, 'Mouth', which is the best song on the album. 'Mouth' is a deep, heavy rocker that starts off with some weird synthesizer noises and then ramps up into a strong melody featuring superb guitar riffs and awesome vocals.

The seventh track on the album is entitled '1000 Mph'. Based on the title, one expects a blazing, punk-like melody. Wrong! The tempo is slow, with thick doses of sludge and swamp blues packaged together into a thumping rock and roll sound.

'Insubordia PT II' is worth the price of admission. The Lost Poets have created an innovative, appealing sound that pushes the musical envelope, but is still main stream enough to attract a vast audience. It's safe to say that The Lost Poets will do well and, because of their musicianship, they probably put on one heck of a live show.  Don't miss this one.

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