Review of Freezer Album by The/Das

The/Das are a Berlin electronic music duo made up of Fabian Fenk and Anton K who previously released the 'Speak Your Mind Speak' EP last year, which displayed their potential as great, icy electronic craftsmen. This year they release full length 'Freezer' via Sinnbus, and the album sees their luminous spark grow.

Starting off the album we have 'My Made Up Spook' which is a strong number with ghostly ambient synths that make Jon Hopkins spring to mind. Mixed in with moody, but quite poppy modern R&B vocals, it quite often catches you off guard. Follower '(Under) Miami Waters' is even more minimal but effectively soothing with long, occasionally high, notes reminiscent of Aphex Twin on one of his more melodic songs. 'Receiver' feels like it's on the laid-back side of Daft Punk's with the light, peaceful synths, and the added brooding female vocals are full of emotion and are incredibly moving. 'Operation Of Chance' marks an interesting change of tune in the album having more of a late 70s electronic vibe, similar to Kraftwerk or 'Low' era David Bowie, but keeps in the flow of the record with the modern vocals and production.

The album ends with the only two weak tracks on the album, 'Somebody' and 'Freezer'. 'Somebody' is poor with its lifeless piano keys and an unimaginative drum beat, while 'Freezer' is a several minute long icy number that is totally void of heart and soul, which minimal music needs if it's going to be impressive.

For the most part, this is a striking album of soulful vocals with the occasional curveball here and there to keep you interested, such as the sudden throwback to the 70's on 'Operation Of Chance'. The two bad songs that close the album weaken it considerably, but aside from that, this is a great album that is definitely worth your time.

Max Cussons

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