Review of Lucky Lipstick Single by Surferrosa


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SurferRosa - Lucky Lipstick - Single Review

Surfer Rosa

Lucky Lipstick

Well it's that time of the year again, the Eurovision song contest looms, and if Norway is still looking for a participant, they should look no further than their very own Surferosa. "Lucky Lipstick" brings to British shores, a catchy blend of rock and pop, which makes you wonder what happened to Republica. The same shouty vocals and attitude filled teen girl punk is evident, as is edgy art rock, but Karen O need not be biting her nails just yet.

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The theme to a girly night out, make up, clothes, and partying the night away is hardly the most meaningful concept to a song, and Surferosa comes across as nothing more than a rocked up girl band, following in the footsteps of their predecessors Chicks on Speed. Hitting out at indie and grunge for being creativity killing, Surferosa claims to be adding some fun and colour into the rock world, and lead singer Mariann surely does that with her sharp and catchy vocals through the afore mentioned ideas. More funky rock pop is represented in "Long Lust" creating happiness and fun which would shower the charts with it's light-hearted nature. "Bim Bam Boom" creates a real Eurovision stomper of a tune and just confirms that Surferosa is a shouty girly band on one level, a fun quirky band on another, but so far as to call them punk, they are rather more like teen rebels, rebelling against the world of work, and politics rather than expressing them. Whether they inject some much needed fun into the world, or whether they send people cringing is for the listener to decide.

Katherine Tomlinson