Review of Ten Years Of Solid Applause Album by Super Luxury

Super Luxury are one of the most unfairly overlooked bands in UK underground right now. They might have only had a three track EP to their name until now ('Mystery Thriller Teen Drama'), but it's a solid noise-rock release with raw but memorable riffs and hooks and they deserve more recognition. Plus, this band are killer live; seemingly anything is possible at their shows, be it vocalist Adam Nodwell climbing on the walls and ceiling or guitarist Chris Riviera bringing step-ladders into the crowd. 'Ten Years Of Solid Applause' is the band's debut full length and, on the strength of it, Super Luxury fully deserve your attention.

Super Luxury Ten Years Of Solid Applause Album

You know you're in for something good as soon as this thing starts. '25 Metres' kick starts the album with some sludgy thick bass, joined by equally solid and wiry guitars. The whole tone and heaviness is quite literally jaw-dropping, and hints of further fun and noisiness. 'Constant Delicious' confirms this albeit with a more indie riff and lighter, rapid drumming. This song is faster paced but retains that strength, and even adds some hilarity with lyrics like: "How many people are coming? Just one. Too many, people".

'Kelloggs Wasps' from the 'Mystery Thriller Teen Drama' EP is on here, as infectious as ever with commanding guitars, the shrieking "tell me you love me, keeper of bees" refrain and tingly guitar noodles that complement the possessive stomping perfectly. 'Golden Climbing' is the strongest track with a minute of no-wave guitars set against a soundscape of what sounds like either erratic church bells or slow, twisted emergency sirens. The song takes more of a destructive turn with the sludge returning like a fist coming down on you. The firm stabs and cool lick of 'Milk Sauce' is so simple, but effective. It's tough, but mostly laid back until you get towards the ballistic closing riffs. Like a boxer not even giving his all, but still beating their opponent.

The next lot of tracks are speedy, feisty numbers, the highlight of these being 'Hyperhidrosis' with Nodwell indecipherably barking against clunky riffs, driving the song and all the elements, the tight rhythm section making each hit count.

As excellent as the faster songs on this album are, it's really the slower tunes that are the winners. When the tempo goes down there is more room for Super Luxury to come crushing down and closer 'Crunchy Boy' is no exception as it spends a few minutes pounding with the strength of a Warhammer, its beat dragging you along with a mass of feedback and feral screaming.

If you're remotely into noise rock, then you will love 'Ten Years Of Solid Applause'. It's shown that Super Luxury are one of the best bands in game with some songs that will punish you, but all of them ultimately thrilling you. While Super Luxury are a band best experienced live, this record is a fine demonstration of why they're such a great group. It's fun, spontaneous and loud as hell.


Max Cussons

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