Super Luxury have been one of the best kept secrets in Leeds' music scene for a few years now, maybe even the UK underground as a whole. This has been thanks to their lively, catchy, fun and spontaneous noise rock as well as their wild and unpredictable shows. They recently put out brilliant debut album 'Ten Years Of Solid Applause' and this night's release show was truly a celebration of Super Luxury. 

Super Luxury

First support act Pink Rick introduced closed in, intense noise rock with quiet and loud dynamics, while doom/sludge band Groak gripped the audience with incredibly low tones and morbid, repetitive riffs sending everyone into a never-ending gloomy trance. Cruyff were a nice breather from the heavy stuff with a more danceable indie/new wave sound, and They Don't left a lasting impact. Famine brought some brutality back into proceedings with their ferocious grindcore, and Bearfoot Beware had a Fugazi vibe about them with post-hardcore that was full of fire. Magnapinna also had a 90s post-hardcore feel to them, though not quite as captivating.

Despite how good the support was, this night belonged to Super Luxury. It's their celebration for finally having an incredible album to go along with them being one of the most fun live bands going today and they pulled out every stop in proving why that is so.

Guitarist Chris Rivera announced that the band had an argument; frontman Adam Nodwell had left the band and they needed someone to sing for them. It was clearly nonsense but it left you wondering what they were up to. Nodwell ended up on stage in an old man disguise, kicking into 'Constant Delicious' which instantly got people moving to the tingly riffs and rapid rhythm. Sure enough, Nodwell made his first attempt to ride the audience as he threw himself into them for a crowd surf. 

The band's most infectious song, 'Kelloggs Wasps', hit and the fans were yelling its 'tell me you love me, keeper of bees' hook. Nodwell remained close to the audience as a struggle ensued over the mic -  but the show got much more chaotic than that.

A human sized, cotton dummy piñata was hung up before Super Luxury's set and later on foam rods were thrown into the crowd for people to destroy the Mexican decoration. It turns out it was full of Oxo cubes instead of sweets and the piñata was subsequently torn to shreds, as if the band brought it just for the purpose of giving the crowd something to destroy. It took an especially severe beating from the mosh pits ignited by ragers like 'Mystery Thriller Teen Drama' and 'Ian Mackaye'. These songs were raw, fast and full of adrenaline, inciting rowdiness all round. 

As their recent album has proved, Super Luxury can also do a heavy slow song; 'Golden Climbing' and '25 Meters' had complete control over the night, sending the audience into hypnotic state of slow head banging thanks to the steady, thick grooves. The peace doesn't last too long and the show reached its peak as Super Luxury brought in their trademark step ladder for optimum domination... and creative crowd surfing. Dangerous? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Fun? Definitely. There were many incredible moments from the show but this one encapsulated why Super Luxury are such an incredible band, especially live. You just never know what's going to happen next, and 9 times out of 10 it's going to leave you gobsmacked.

Super Luxury have always been impressive live, but they exceeded their own high standards here when it came to making a show energetic, hazardous and overall thrilling. See this band at every opportunity you get, they'll never let you down.

Max Cussons

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