Review of Antifreeze Album by Sudha

Antifreeze Album by Sudha reviewed by Tareck Ghoneim

Sudha Antifreeze Album

Sudha Kheterpal, percussionist, talented producer and song writer releases 'Antifreeze' on Bish Bash records. What's obvious is that she's cool, progressive and a player with the innovators. 'Antifreeze' is definitely a creative album saying good things about UK music.

You could be forgiven for tuning out of this album after the first three tracks if you're of the macho type. The Berlin dirty electro aplomb could make you a bit uneasy and unfortunately miss the story from this album. It's got a lot to say. Not disregarding the first three tracks at all. 'Feeling Innovation' works and says a lot, then 'Living By Numbers' pops along nicely and check out the sweet Asian vocals from Zoe Johnston!

"Inside Out" is a fantastic track with great feel and classy production. The feminine element to this album may not necessarily appeal to the male audience. But more fool them! Seems like Sudha's having fun.

The sweet production and obvious good experience of working with Faithless turns 'Antifreeze' into a cool journey full of sassy tales and underground 'feel good' energy taken from a love pill at the best place in time. Sudha's experiences send out a maturity in 'Antifreeze' and the music sits smoothly and playfully in the background giving out cool introspection and sophistication.

I liked 'Antifreeze'. I like the influences and honest soul. It's progressive and emotive. There's innovative production and the album in its entirety says a lot. The British Asian influences are a delight and UK underground representation cuts the mustard. Sudha is a woman who has produced a "chill" album that deserves respect and has lots of good spots on the way. A festival winner for sure.

Tareck Ghoneim