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Drumtech - Drum & Percussion School
Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, and whatever your age, Drumtech is dedicated to getting the very best out of your playing. The school knows how to prepare drummers to succeed in today's demanding music business. The courses offer tuition in many different styles such as pop, rock, r'n'b ,blues and more contemporary styles such as jungle, drum'n'bass and hip-hop, each course offers interesting modules like Latin percussion, studio techniques, sight reading, live performance workshops, general musicianship and many more.


" I spent over two years at Drumtech. I found it very beneficial and improved my knowledge and understanding as well as my feel and technique." Mick Avory - The Kinks

" I found my time at Drumtech got me thinking in new and positive ways about my playing." Andie Rathbone- Mansun

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