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Ibiza has a reputation as the party isle and for people who haven't been it's not always a good one. This was going to be my fifth visit to the hedonistic capital of the world and you don't revisit as often as I do without there being something a little bit special. Ibiza has a lot of very cool clubs and bars spread all over the island, all of them offering a combination of the best DJ's, beautiful people and mind-blowing surroundings. But there are a few places that really stick out and anyone who visits Ibiza regularly knows there are a few institutions, or jewels in the crown 

Space Ibiza

Now, for a lot of people the idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon is going to church then Sunday dinner followed by an afternoon snooze. Mine on the other hand is quite the opposite. It's loud music with an assortment of different alcoholic beverages and 6000 people A.K.A 'We Love Sundays' at Space. 'We Love', to say it correctly, is the name of a 26-hour club marathon at Space nightclub in Playa D'en Bossa, famous for its sunny Sunday afternoons, banging it out on the terrace. Nobody suggests you even try and last 26 hours of continuous partying but I suggest you go and try and give it at least ten.

Playa D'en Bossa is tucked down near the airport and is home to a few of the best places on the island. Although the town its self is a bit worse for ware it does have Borra Borra Beach Bar, DC10's and of course Space. 'We Love' is the highlight and at about 3pm on the 5th of August the tingles were going down my spine as me and the rabble baked in the afternoon sun, queuing to gain entry. On entry you're blinded by the buzz of the place as it all opens up in front of you. After the obligatory initial boogie, to let off a bit of steam, we journey to the upper terrace for drinks. Now, at 12 Euros a gin an tonic this is never going to be a cheap night, especially since it was fifty five euros to get in, but it is a bit of a treat and if you have been to Ibiza before you you'll know that everywhere else charges the same. The little terrace upstairs is a cool chill out area offering excellent tunes from the likes of Shonky and we were lucky enough to have Mr Doris behind the decks.

It's also a good place to meet some of the other revelers including, unfortunately, Jeff! With his Turquoise polo shirt tucked into his tight Speedo's he wasn't your typical 'We Love' enthusiast, and he was let's say, a little wacky, but that's what 'We Love' is about. Not Speedo's, but a mixture of great tunes, cool people and a few crazy ones thrown in for good measure.

Venturing down to the main terrace is a completely different ball game; this is where things really get going. I've got to say listening to the likes of. Tiefschwarz and Carl Craig out there is an exhilarating experience and the atmosphere is as good as any of the best clubs I have been to. I'm not a music aficionado by any standards but they seem to play music perfect for dancing a sunny afternoon away. Electro, which is uplifting with plenty of classics thrown in. Playing Mike Monday to Faithless remixes, whoever DJ's seems to get it just right and before you know it you have been dancing and eyeing up all the gorgeous people for hours!

There are two other main rooms to Space. One is another terrace with a glass roof (so it can stay open after midnight) and the dark and dirty main area inside. First for us was the second terrace, I saw Groove Armada in here at the 'WE Love' opening party in June and although it gets completely packed the air conditioning does make a nice change. It doesn't quite live up to the main terrace but you won't be in anyway disappointed as this is where a lot of the big names play and it rocks in there until after midnight. We were drinking and chatting to random people for ages during the day watching the crowd grow until the place was positively rammed!

The inside is a different story altogether and is mostly shut during the day. It is very dark, cooler, and has a much more clubby feel. It plays host to Carl Cox on a Thursday and later on at 'We Love' it carries the place on through the night. If you do down go early I would definitely suggest using your pass out and heading down to the beach at about nine o-clock. Borra Borra is the place to go and it pumps out tunes till midnight. I find it perfect to set me up for a full night back at We Love. The main terrace will be closed but it is the perfect opportunity to sample the inside room at it's best.

I managed till about 4am before I was all Gin and Toniced out and although I was feeling a little light headed I was still chuffed to bits about an excellent night out. I would positively encourage you to visit We Love at Space if you're visiting Ibiza. It is definitely one of the highlights if you are there for the clubbing and I promise you won't be disappointed. I am counting the days until next years opening and remember, it s called We Love because we do!

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