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Todo Cambia
Album Review

Slovo Todo Cambia Album

Slovo releases a second album and after the critically acclaimed 'Nommo' you won't be disappointed with 'Todo Cambia'. Dave Randall is the man behind Slovo and you have to admire his integrity when listening to this. There are many flavours, shades and colours to this album all with a resounding sense of purpose and positivity through the struggle.

There are certainly some powerful messages in this album related to situations in the Middle East, war and conflict. The use of Arabic rapping by Boikott. Spoken word by revolutionaries from South America and Bobby Whiskers spitting very hard hitting lyrics makes for an album with attitude and serious edge. It's good to hear lyrics inspired from hip hop stating a message that gets lost in glam these days.
However on the other side you've got the soft, subtle sensitivity of Randall with tracks such as 'Spun Out', 'Being You' and 'The One' that take you to far safer and lighter place to hide to. It's also definitely due to Andrea Britton whose voice creates real character, charm and sweet soul. The music really works on all the tracks and show genuine creativity as well as progressive understanding. I'd say 'Todo Cambia' has a got a lot going on indeed.

This is a stand out album. It's totally relevant and is pushing boundaries. It's progressive, edgy and positive all at the same time. There's pop moments that aren't cheesy, street messages that aren't gangster and something for both sexes. It's definitely to be taken note of that's for sure.

Tareck Ghoneim

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