Rugby 2005

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Rugby 2005 - Watch the bone crunching game trailer now

Lightning-fast backs, 300-pound forwards, and huge hits… this is Rugby 2005 in its greatest glory. Build team momentum with a shoulder charge or a high-impact collision, or avoid contact with creative side-steps—the power is in your control. New player models promote the most popular players in rugby, while realistic animations better simulate actions and movements on the pitch. For newcomers, the interactive Training mode allows you to easily familiarize yourself with the sport of rugby as well as the video game itself. When you’re ready bust out of Training mode and make a run for the 6 Nations and European Cup or take on teams in the Super 12. With a new look and feel, the time to master the sport of rugby is NOW.

Key features

Visual Improvements
Rugby 2005 shares the look and feel of all EA SPORTS™ franchises, integrating the highest visual quality and standards. To that end Rugby 2005 features new player models, including Star Heads for the top 100 players, and new and improved full-motion videos demonstrating the big tackles, high emotions, and key plays associated with the game. These visual improvements deliver a hard-hitting experience rugby fans are accustomed to.

Training Mode
It is important to not only learn the game controls, but the rules governing the sport as well. To help you become an expert at Rugby 2005, and to help experts become even better, several new features in Training mode have been introduced including Rugby 101 interactive training movies that outline the rules, controls, and advanced tactics. Training Pitch has also been added offering challenge-based training drills using advanced controls, as well as a "Get in the Game" tutorial for users to grasp rugby basics through a pick up-and-play orientation.

Updated User Control and Gameplay
Rugby 2005 features unprecedented control over every aspect of the sport, enabling casual rugby fans to pick up and play the game. The controls allow more opportunities for high-impact collisions, plus the chance to better avoid tackles and break into the open field. In an effort to provide the most realistic game on the market, Rugby 2005 introduces the ability to continue play after missed goal kicks, just like in real rugby matches.

Enter the Creation Zone
Play in the game you have always wanted to play at the professional level with the stars of rugby at your side. The Creation Zone allows you to create players based on their own likenesses, classic players of the game, or any other characters you wish to place in Rugby 2005.

Rugby 2005 - The time to master the sport of Rugby is NOW!
Rugby 2005 - The time to master the sport of Rugby is NOW!
Rugby 2005 - The time to master the sport of Rugby is NOW!
Rugby 2005 - The time to master the sport of Rugby is NOW!
Rugby 2005 - The time to master the sport of Rugby is NOW!

Teams and Tournaments
Rugby 2005 once again brings home official licensed leagues while introducing new leagues and teams. Not only can you play in all of the leagues, but you can now play in prestigious tournaments or in a custom tournament of your own.

Broadcast Presentation
New camera angles, commentators, and full-motion video, plus authentic crowd noise, in-game sound effects, and enhanced replay control all come together to help produce a game that creates a look and feel of a live TV broadcast. This immerses players in the atmosphere of the game, while seamlessly integrating the commentary into the flow of play.


Release date
18th March 2005

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