Review of NYC Movin/What's Goin' On Single by Downtown Brown

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2. Downtown Brown NYC Movin/Whats Goin On (12" - ABC)
DJ and expert of all things cut n paste, Downtown Brown, fires his staccato mixture of head nodding beats and vocal hooklines, all the way from his native New Zealand, over to the UK.
NYC Movin jumps from one theme to another, kicking off with the infamous bassline from Wacko Jackos Billie Jean and then dropping varying beats and slices of rap.
I dont know about this being the brainchild of some super hot DJ talent, it would be much less of a surprise to find out this was the result of some fifteen year old messing about with a music program and sampler stilted and lacking in any kind of emotion.
The dreadful outtake from Soul to Souls Back to Life makes the AA sides What goin On equally as uneventful and bland, but more worryingly, just that touch too cheesy.