Review of How Do I Move/Getaway Single by Spacek

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4. Spacek How Do I Move/Getaway (Island Records)
Ross Allens Island Blue label release another corker. After the firm support of their recently released album Curvatia, South Londons Spacek manage to keep the ball rolling with two lifted singles and two remixes. If you havent yet heard the album, Getaway is a cool and muffled piece of rnb where vocalist Steve Spacek really gets to show his true colours.

C Swing twiddles the knobs further to produce a more rhythmical slant on things. The Flip side offering How Do I Move is more of a futuristic venture into cut-up-beats territory and aside from the rather irritating line nostrils flare up man is a more than praise-worthy excursion. UK hip-hop supremos Nextmen charge things up more with loads of scratching and oozes of fuelled-up funk.