Review of New Years Dub Single by Musique

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2. Musique Vs U2 New Years Dub (Serious)
This is one of the tracks that apparently took this years Miami Music Conference by storm. It seems familiarity and inebriation could well have been greater influential factors than actual talent. The world famous and somewhat pass U2 sample that unfortunately features heavily throughout the single simply conjures up images of some euro-trance festival in Italy on the side of a mountain where glow sticks and white gloves are the uniform.

The radio edit sounds like the original minus the vocals and plus a few interim spoken words, some added guitar riffs and extra beats. Mauro Picotto provides one of the edits still keeping the world-famous hookline as the backbone but with adding more breakdowns and bass pumped beats.

Hybrid give the best result with a layered, chopped-up, more minimal slant. But theres just something about that sample that isnt right. And after all, if wed wanted to listen to U2 wed have bought their own bloody album at least you can sing along to it.