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8. Playgroup Playgroup (Album - Source)
For those lucky few who managed to get their hands on a copy of Make it Happen earlier this year the future did indeed look bright. This was no one-off moment of genius, Playgroup would without a doubt be delivering some pretty special follow up material.

And here it is, in all its glory.

To classify Playgroup as just a band would be to undersell it. The brainchild of Underdog and remixer supremo Trevor Jackson, Playgroup is a project, an outcome, a culmination of years spent loving and living music.

An unlikely mix of old pop favourites Edwyn Collins and Roddy Frame, Poly Styrene wanna be Kathleen Hannah (Bikini Kill) and Leila contributor Luca Santucci make up just a few of the prominent guest vocalists. Leaving Trevor to get on with creating an unashamed collection of , by and large, eighties biased songs tainted with a totally original vision that makes this music in the words of all the lovey darlings out there so totally now.

From the full-bore funk fantasia of Front 2 Back featuring MC Flightt, to the superb dub reincarnation of Stings 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover to the punk lunacy of Bring It On this is an album that deserves you attention.

And, I challenge you in the spirit of the doughnut and lip-licking teaser to listen from start to finish without giving at least one toe a tap. Like the doughnut its absolutely bloody impossible!