Review of Check it Out Single by Fingathing

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1. Fingathing Check it Out (12" - (Grand Central))
Fingathing, the original deck and double bass collaboration of Peter Parker and Sneaky continue their relentless journey around the globe, wooing fans from rock and dance fraternities alike with their minimal but spectacular live shows. In the meantime, at home they release their new single Check It out.

Lifted for their Album Main Event it is Fingathing - Eau Naturel: created wholly from one double bass and one deck. And a beast of a track it is too, fully cut and thrust dancefloor destroying material (that also manages to sound a bit like the Rhubarb and Custard theme tune). Following on in the beast vein is the dramatic and previously unreleased track Mulletfunk and the schmoozy, woozy You Fly Me also featured on their album. A dance band with an undeniable edge.