Review of Colourbox - Pump Up The Volume (USA 12" Mix) / Looks Like We're Shy Single by Marrs

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6. Marrs/Colourbox Pump Up The Volume(USA 12 Mix)/Looks Like Were Shy (12" - 4AD)
Releasing a 12 with an A side featuring perhaps the most infamous house record ever is, you may think, a strange way to promote the soon to be released Best of Colourbox 82/87 album.

But! Amongst the five strong team who made up MARRS (Dave Dorrell, CJ Macintosh, AR Kane) were also Martyn and Steve Young of Colourbox. Although Colourbox never quite found the notoriety that swamped the one hit wonder MARRS, they were nevertheless held in high regard within the circles who dug deeper then the charts for a good tune.

Their unique blend of dub and electronica is ever fresh and if you managed to miss it first time around, nows youre chance to make up for a wasted youth.