Review of Rock Single by Malcolm Catto

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10. Malcolm Catto Rock (12" - (Mo Wax))
Malcolm Catto may not be a name youd recognise but hes been doing the rounds for years, Djing about the Capital and constantly adding to his apparently much envied collection of funk 7 inches. In he process he has earned himself the name of The Baron and learnt to master the drums, playing in a few bands along the way such as The Soul Destroyers.

Its Cattos mastery of the drums that dominates, Rock, his first single for Mo Wax (a second single is due for release a month later). The sound is unashamedly harsh with distorted rock guitar, and enough disturbed feedback to get the whole original seventies rock fraternity regrowing their lengthy locks in commemorative appreciation. The bare brilliance of the B Sides Fax runs further off the rails with an abstract jazz mash up and overpowering wayward drum breaks.

An excellent introduction to a talented skin slapper but be warned - those with a faint heart should keep their distance.