Review of Inner Spacesuit Single by Flanger

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4. Flanger Inner Spacesuit Zen 12105 (12" - Ninja Tune)
Inner Spacesuit is the result of the third collaboration between Burnt Friedman and Atom. Lifted from their up and coming album Outer Space/Inner Space its a release that fits neatly within the Ninja Tune code of practice. The eccentric jazz angles and off-centre beats keep the interest going.

Fully future and ever so slightly odd, the head track Outer Space/Inner Space incorporates loads of retro Ray Ayres vibes and faultless percussion. Next up Boscos Disposable Driver (Atom Selfremix), lifted from Flangers previous album plays like it could be on the wrong speed and is reminiscent of Fourtets tinkerings. A queer but very much quality release.