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Over the last couple of years Nadia Pyrrha and Sara Jade (aka the Pyrrha girls) have become an integral part of the music scene around London.

Starting out at the tender age of 16 writing the Pyrrha Fanzine which introduced acts such as Razorlight and Yeah Yeah Yeahs into written media they quickly moved into the World of Dj'ing. Their first venture had moderate success but this all changed with a move to London in 2004.

It was here that they really hit the road to success. Running many a night in the various venues around 'London Town' they had no trouble in getting known with their Young and Lost Club nights
With the talk of many a London club goer being about their nights they decided to expand and form a record company of the same name. This began in March 2005 with the first release being 'Blue Boy' by Vincent Vincent & The Villains.

The girls are proof that with some hard work, a couple of turntables and a lot of skill that making it in the big smoke is a dream that can come true.

Current club nights are the weekly Saturday night event at FROG (Mean Fiddler, Charring Cross Road) in the Young & Lost room with guest DJ's playing anything from Rock 'n' Roll to Irish Jigs! They hold a monthly night at the Old Blue Last and a twice monthly night at Tatty Bogle.

Nights to look out for are Saturday 25th March when they take over the main room at Frog with Live sets from Vincent Vincent and The Villains and the Cazals followed by a DJ set from the girls.

Up and coming releases on Y&L Records are Vincent Vincent & The Villains double 'A' side – I'm Alive and There is a Cloud (including a singing in the rain-esque video staring Vincent and the lads). This is out 20th March. Following this will be the Cazal's next release – Comfortable Silence (their first release on Y&L label).

What does the future hold for the girls? More pumping club nights, lots of laughs, debut singles from Fear of Flying, Pull Tiger Tail, New Moscow and there are even rumours of a Young & Lost Club compilation!
These two girls have a lot of talent and do a storming club night. Next time you are heading London way make sure you check what events are coming up. If you are nice to them maybe they'll even put you on the list….

Dom Chalk

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