Review of feat Nate James - Lovin' You Single by Poker Pets

Poker Pets feat Nate James

Poker Pets feat Nate James - Lovin' You Single Review

Poker Pets feat Nate James - Lovin' You Single Review

This track is causing a stir all over the clubs in Europe and I totally love it!!!

Featuring the fab vocals from UK rising talent star Nate James, this is the work of two Swedish producers.

Nate has actually been tipped for global stardom. He recently sold out two gigs in London 's Jazz caf where he stunned a celebrity audience which included Amy Winehouse.

What I love about this song is that as well as being a mix of dance and R&B, it's blessed with actual singing that no other dance song really has at the moment! But also, it's fresh. It has a seventies feel to the song which is fantastic as most songs these days have the electro pop 80s vibe going on!

The song is similar to the Sunset Strippers however I prefer this track to any dance song out at the minute! As soon as you hear it, you just get in the mood to go out and party.

Lovin' you was actually released as a sample and only got noticed by Positiva Records last year after they were signed from Nocturnal Groove. They certainly have a lot to live up to after previous success with their first track set the tone

The record is released on the 6 th June 2005 .

Candice Finney