Review of Breakfast in NYC Single by Oppenheimer

Breakfast in NYC
Single Review

Oppenheimer Breakfast in NYC Single

Oppenheimer, despite sounding like they could be some dutch death metal disaster, are a delectably pleasant electro-pop band hailing from Belfast.
Sounding something like the Postal Service if their diet consisted of nothing but helium, coca-cola and an array of sugar laden treats, Oppenheimer cant fail to uplift you on even the greyest day. Not only that, but these guys, despite their blatant pop sensibilities manage to retain something…superficial as it sounds it might be as simple as their choice of synth sounds…whatever it is, their music is almost reminiscent of being told bedtime stories. An enigmatic collection of soft spun vocals and childrens t.v synth tones make for a heart-warming listen.
If you miss being tucked up in bed as a kid, when your only worries were what toy you were gonna take in the bath with you the next evening and what your mum was going to put in your sandwiches for tomorrow, then give this a listen.

Thom Holmes

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