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Oli N Clive
Excuse Me
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Oli N Clive Excuse Me Single

Oli, Sanjay, Clare, Ruby, Maddy, Pottsy, William and Mel are the eight from London/Devon that make up what is known as (no not Parklife!!!) Ole N Clive. These guys are like the folk version of Los Campesinos owning more instruments than a music store. A few of their tools for the job range from cello, drums, ukuleles, bass, cornet, harmonica, musical saw, guitar, violins and lastly autoharp.

Country N Folk music has never really done it for me, but each to there own. Oli N Clive release their new Single Excuse Me. Oli has a creaky feel to his vocal and everything around the song sounds nice but there is nothing that jumps out and grabs you to say that Oli N Clive have arrived.

All is not that bad though; just listen to the Wet Paint Version. Guitar riffs, banging drums and a bit of energy added to it. It is hard to believe that this is even the same track. All they need to do is use the Wet Paint Version as the original Single version rather than what they currently have.

Mark Moore

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