Review of Fantastic Planet Album by Noveller

Noveller is the professional name of Sarah Lipstate, a musician who also progresses her art in the medium of filmmaking. Spending her time between Austin, Texas, and Brooklyn, New York, this release on Fire Records will be supported by a handful of live shows over the coming couple of months.

Noveller Fantastic Planet Album

Of immediate note about 'Fantastic Planet' is that it is a full length instrumental record, which perhaps places it in a niche market. Very much based around the guitar, Noveller provides soundscapes that have to be actively listened to, as opposed to pop melodies without a vocalist.  'Into The Dunes' is a serene piece which invokes a feeling of tranquillity, before evolving into a dominant crescendo. Pleasantly wistful is 'No Unholy Mountain', while 'Concrete Dreams' actually has a much more organic tone than the title suggests. Lofty guitar moments characterise these better moments, which in isolation are pleasant, but there are times when the tracks come across as extended interludes. 'Pulse Point' drags painfully, whilst 'Growing' doesn't gather any momentum, but at least 'The Ascent' closes the record with some delectable melodies. It is inconsistent as an overall release, but the highlights are at least gratifying. 


Alex Lai

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