Review of Love Be My Lover Single by Novacane

Love Be My Lover
Sony's Direction Records mixes itself a sangria, rummages for its passport and prepares for a season of Iberian insanity with the relaese of NOVACANE's Love Be My Lover on May 20. A slice of shimmering vocal trance that's just made to shine through these hazy mornings, Love Be My Lover will make you want to open the curtains, greet the break of dawn, and leave the house with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

NOVACANE are led by delectable vocalist Penny Stevens Keller, alongside techno whizz Sam Spacey and creative "director" Jonny Vaughan. "The song is all about the first moment when you see someone gorgeous across the dance floor," says Penny, "that buzz of excitement at the possibility of a new relationship and the point when you try and draw their attention to you basically it's about flirting!"

London based Penny was born in Illinois but soon fled Nowheresville USA for a home in the more sedate suburb of Ealing. Learning to sing before she could speak, Penny went through the whole drama school and theatre studies route. "My mother was a piano teacher and I learnt to play the clarinet, saxaphone and violin. The house was always full of classical music- when I'm in a dancey mood I like nothing more than a bit of Tchaikovsky. I grew up wanting to perform and entertain, I love the fact that people can enjoy me being myself."

Penny is already gearing up for a busy summer. " I can't wait to get out to Ibiza and this song will be perfect for everyone to enjoy in the sunshine. Every time I sing It I want to go on holiday.

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