Review of Do you think you're special? Single by Nio

Nio …Do you think you’re special?
Nio …Do you think you’re special? - Single Review


Do you think you’re special?

‘Safe Man’…Nio is a wannabe London Justin Timberlake with all the dress sense of a Manchester scally.. If you ever hear him speak you’ll know what I mean,,, ‘Innit! He is currently writing his album but by the sounds of it he shouldn’t bother. I think some girls who listen to Usher and B2K and consider it gangsta rap might enjoy Nio’s charms but apart from that he’s gonna have a hard time being constantly reminded that his transatlantic idol is both more talented and better looking. His producer Maximum Risk is mediocre and has stolen many of his ideas, but to be fair he does have Timberland and The Neptunes to compete with. I can’t conceive of Nio cracking Barnet let alone London or the UK. Chart prediction…. 20 if he gets some good publicity.

Jules Berry

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