Review of C'Mon Up Single by New Moscow

New Moscow
Mon Up
Single Review

New Moscow C'Mon Up Single

The latest release from the Young & Lost Club comes from New Moscow. They don't come from Russia (they're actually from Sweden) not that this is apparent with their opening number.

The sound defines London bands and especially the sound of artists making releases through the young and lost club (former releases from Larrikin Love & Vincent Vincent and The Villains).

The intro has a typical bouncy catchy guitar riff that immediately has you listening. A slightly americanised vocal is not off putting as they ride the verse into the 'C'Mon Up' chorus. A couple of listens and I was hooked. A feel good number that captures the spirit of the London based scene.

The B Side Go Rebel has a more poignant intro and opening verse. Bringing the bright mood down to a more sombre note. It has its own catchyness without being as good as 'C'Mon Up'.

This is the first I'd heard of New Moscow and on this outing I can imagine them securing a strong following in the South of the UK and with the right gigs and singles a chance of countrywide success.

'C'Mon Up' is available now through Y&L records in various outlets countrywide!

Dom Chalk

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