Review of Animal Evolve Album by Neulore

Hailing from one of the world's great music areas, Nashville, Tennessee, Neulore are based around the talents of Adam Agin and William T. Cook. Their first release was an EP in 2010, whilst this album, 'Animal Evolve', comes off of the back of inking an agreement with Chop Shop/Island Records.

Neulore Animal Evolve Album

Given the geographical base for the band, it would come as little surprise to anyone if Neulore produced an output of country and folk songs. Whilst these genres are clearly evident during this record, the opening duo of '3' and 'Shadow Of A Man' have the sort of arena-rock qualities that the likes of Coldplay and U2 in their earlier days utilised. The former features a striking orchestral hook, while the latter has the sort of sing-a-long vocals that make characterise festival favourites. Slowing the pace with 'In The Orchard' is a detrimental move after a positive start, while 'Mercy! You Need Saving' aims for the epic, but is ineffective. 'Don't Shy From The Light' is made up of stirring strings, a lifting guitar solo and some solid vocal harmonies, while 'The Gathering Chant' has an organic feel but lacks an ability to engross the listener. Along with the closing 'Tribes' it is about as much of a country song that Neulore provide, as instead their sound is more consistently of a rock/indie nature tinged with the music for which their home is famed. It is a combination that has notably worked for the likes of Mumford And Sons and is relatively successful here, though there are not enough songs that truly stand out to make this an album of high recommendation.


Alex Lai

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