Review of Audio Therapy Album by Nathan Adams

Nathan Adams is a young singer/songwriter/musician/producer from London who has been developing his talent during his teenage years and now presents his debut album 'Audio Therapy'. Adams was noticed due to a chance meeting with producer Zepherin Saint who became interested in this talented, versatile artist. Certainly, Nathan Adams is being groomed for big things having toured America already and worked with high profile artists such as Louie Vega, who collaborated on the first track 'Falling' on this debut. Zepherin Saint has released 'Audio Therapy' on his label Tribe Records bringing many other notable contributions to the album from the likes of DJ Spinna, Richard Samuels and Sean McCabe. 

Nathan Adams Audio Therapy Album

There's no denying Nathan Adams is a shining artist showcasing an excellent soul voice with a great range. The London influences are apparent, most notably the connection to Omar (which is a great compliment to Adams) that I can really hear on 'Chasing Love' as well as other tracks.  Others like Bugz In The Attic become clear on '3am' and the passion of soulful house originating from America buzzing throughout the 'Audio Therapy' are strong, bringing an uplifting and positive feel to this debut. 'Audio Therapy' has a wide range of soulful elements, from upbeat to slower Neo Soul tempos, absolutely providing something for everyone. I personally really liked 'I Wonder', which brought a real party and deep house feel to the mix. 

There's no doubt 'Audio Therapy' is a good album and something the UK can be proud of. It maintains a true connection to the sound of soul, projecting from the London pulse and captures a truly uplifting feel. This album demonstrates Nathan Adams as a great singer and emerging contender in the soul scene. It's obvious from this debut that he is clear about his integrity as an artist. 'Audio Therapy' focuses on some great elements of soul and influences from this country, as well as the States, that bring credibility to Adams.  This debut has the potential to move a young audience and win the respect of a discerning crowd though I really look forward to seeing Nathan Adams bringing his own signature to his next album. A great start for an emerging star. 


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