Review of Worth it Single by Narco


Narco - Worth it - Single Review

Narco - Worth it - Single Review

Worth it

“Worth it” is the second single from the 5 piece Oxford based crew and it is a cracking tune!

Their album is due for release on 11th July 2005 which is cleverly titled “Control of the stereo”. As soon as you hear this you just want to turn up the radio!

Their sound is quite dirty, but sexy in the same sense! It’s definitely rock and roll and has the brilliant drum rolls and has string like guitar beats – the bass is also evident in this track and it totally rocks!!!

The vocals have the edge most bands don’t have these days. The song has a certain cheekiness that comes from the likes of Green Day – in fact the drums are almost identical to that of Tre’s! it has the pace of The Strokes and vocal talents which will no doubt make this track a hit!

Nobody has heard this track yet so it’ll be great to hear the reception for the track when it’s finally released on the 20th June.

The band will be playing a few gigs this year, up and coming gigs are on the 18th June at Kill all hippies in the Scala in London.

Candice Finney