Review of Roc Ya Body Single by M.V.P


M.V.P Most Valuable Playas - Roc Ya Body Single Review.

M.V.P  Most Valuable Playas - Roc Ya Body Single Review.

Put together by legendary rapper/producer Robert Clivilles (of C&C Music Factory Fame), Roc Ya Body oozes a sensual Afro-Cuban beat with hip hop lyrics.

Taken from the debut album Hit the Spot, Clivilles has decided to give writing and producing another go after taking 6 years out to recover from such success with Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard soundtrack and numerous visits to the Ministry Of Sound.

New York based, multi-cultural crew M.V.P, with guest vocals from Stagga Lee, are promoting a

tune which enthuses the tribal stylings of this genre. I love the better part of the song which is when the dance floor is commanded to jump. The song is full of excitement and is in popular demand already.

I really love this song, it sounds sexy and fresh and I haven't heard a sound like this for a while. It has a carnival style - backing track but also seems similar to N.E.R.D's She Wants To Move. The video to accompany the amazing sounds is as exciting for the male audience as it is to listen to. It features many scantily clad women dancing with the guys in tribal outfits, a la Destiny's Child style in Survivor.

For the young audiences, M.V.P are going to be big this summer if you haven't heard of them before. They are worth checking out especially as they've been bigged up' by the likes of George Michael and Aretha Franklin.

Candice Finney