Review of Forward Ever Album by Mungo’s Hi Fi

Mungo's Hi Fi is a sound system based in Glasgow, Scotland, which follows the original Jamaican Sound System tradition. 'Forward Ever' is third album release on Scotch Bonnet and gaining more exposure from tours and festivals such As Outlook in Croatia. Tom Tattersall and Doug Paine founded the group in 2000, writing, recording, producing and performing their own brand of reggae and dub music working in collaboration with other artists and producers.

Mungo’s Hi Fi Forward Ever Album

'Forward Ever' is a great example of the Sound System tradition still working well and creating new fusions of Jamaican sounds. This crew are genuine lovers of this sound staying true to the bass grooves and good lyrical content. There are some great tracks on this album like 'Skidip' feat. Charlie P, whose talent certainly shines through, as well as 'Computer Age' featuring Mr Williamz and good displays from Soom T, Kenny Knots and Gentlemans Dub Club. There's something for everyone in this cool and well produced album.

'Forward Ever' is a real quality album and refreshing to hear passionate and loved sounds still continuing from the Sound System culture. This Glasgow crew are keeping it real, heavy and true in the love of bass and dub fusion. It's a really cool album that brings a genuine connectivity to the sound keeping the spirit of unity alive. Some great performances from some seriously talented emcees and Mungo Hi Fi's production is to be applauded. Class!

Tareck Ghoneim

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