Review of No Tomorrows EP by Morganway

With origins in the East Anglian county of Norfolk, Morganway are a quintet started by twins Callum and Kieran Morgan.  The outfit are currently on tour throughout the UK, including multiple hometown shows in Norwich, leading up the release of this, their debut EP.

Morganway No Tomorrows EP

The Morganway sound can be summarised as an amalgamation of country and rock, with the opening 'Ain't It Just' serving as an accurate representation of what is to come.  Radio-friendly and acoustically led, the chorus is lifting without being truly inspiring, which can also be said of 'Hearts Of Fire'.  The tempo is taken down and the tone a little darker, the result being acceptable if forgettable.  The title track is possibly the weakest here, with the "surely you know how it feels" refrain lacking the emotion intended, while 'Baby, Let's Run' is a step up with some warming harmonies.  The concluding 'Give Me Strength' doesn't add anything new; sticking to a formula well-established in this taster of the band.  Certainly they can craft a song and have a defined style; however their product lacks quality to be excited about.