Review of Mirrorkicks Album by Mirrorkicks

Mirrorkicks are a band who have been causing quite a stir in London's underground rock scene and this, their debut (and self-titled) album shows why. Mirrorkicks is an album full of hooks and well crafted songs designed to make you bounce.

Mirrorkicks Mirrorkicks Album

The album starts with the frantic On TV, a frantic and mad piece of fine pop punk. It cuts through like a chainsaw and makes it impossible not to pay attention with its soaring vocals and dirty guitars. Lego is another hooky pop-punk monster: it's cheeky, it's fast and it's full of hooks.

Track 3 (Podium) is another brilliant song. It takes up a slower pace and incorporates a quirky acoustic guitar line, before breaking into the biggest chorus I have heard in a long time. It goes to show that Mirrorkicks have the versatility and are not just one trick ponies. The vocals really shine in this song too - it's kind of an angelic wale that sits neatly on top of the chaos going on behind it.

Although the album does have even slower moments (the bizarre Too Slow, and the brilliant Anything), the album's real strengths lie in it's twisting and angular guitar lines which in places recall early Biffy Clyro. A great example of this is the almost reggae-tone of Be Where You Are, and the undeniably heavy and riffy album closer You. This song packs a real punch, and the awkward drum beat keeps you guessing where it might go next.

On the downside though, the production values on this album are perhaps a little lo-fi, and the guitar tone really needs sorting out. Some of these songs would really benefit from a stronger guitar sound (Podium and On TV are prime examples) but other than that, Mirrorkicks is an album full of potential for what could be a very exciting future for this peculiar band from London.

Ben Walton

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