Review of Get Me Back EP by Mimi And The Mad Noise Factory

Based in Germany, but fronted by a British vocalist, Mimi & The Mad Noise Factory have supported the likes of Biffy Clyro and Imagine Dragons.  Mimi has had previous work appear on the soundtrack of 'Twilight Eclipse', while the title track of this mini-album has been picked up for the 'Love, Rosie' movie.

Mimi And The Mad Noise Factory Get Me Back EP

The opening indie-pop of 'Smile' has unquestionable conviction in the vocal performance, but unfortunately the passion isn't matched by the quality of the track.  What appears to be a firm intro is actually the chorus and lacks gratifying hook.  Thankfully 'Get Me Back', with a quirky dance rhythm is better and has an infectious energy, while 'Stop And Listen' sees a turn to more serious tones.  It works and would be a direction for the band to explore in greater depth, particularly as the song clocks in at under the three minute mark.  'Unwanted' and 'Nothing But Everything' take an organic approach, very much reliant on vocal ability supported by minimal acoustic arrangements.  

The results are contrasting, as the former is a turgid affair while the latter is very much a beautifulpiece - they characterise what is very much a mixed bag from the five tracks present.


Alex Lai

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