Milk Teeth are rapidly climbing the UK's underground at the moment, having been one of the most exciting of this throwback-to-the-90s obsessed scene. That means Milk Teeth's sound is one that is in love with guitar pedals, distortion and blended quiet and loud dynamics, and they're still in their infancy having yet to release a full-length follow-up to their 'Smiling Politely' EP and, of course, their 'Sad Sack' EP which was released a day before their January Leeds show.

Milk Teeth

Kicking off the night was Gentlemen's Whiskers, who were an interesting proposition adding a unique spin to their acoustic sound using a phaser pedal in the creation of something wooden and space like. They brought to mind the likes of Joy Division, though the limpness and minimalism was undercut with a more upbeat tone. Hindsights were solid 90s emo revival delivered with energy that's pure punk rock with much headbanging and stomping. While emotive and melodic, they displayed a little more muscle with brittle riffs and raw vocals. This is how it should be done when it comes to the softer side to punk.

Milk Teeth had no problem topping that as they took the torch from Hindsights and threw it in gasoline. Their sound is equally very hard but tuneful and with fuzz levels off the charts. There was plenty of energy from their guitarist, shaking and stumbling as he savagely churned out instrumental ferocity. Bassist/vocalist Becky Blomfield evened out the chaotic aspect with her faraway vocals, sturdy basslines and just more chilled out stage presence. This duality between the members is what helps make them a great band.

Every song from the 'Sad Sack' EP got an airing. 'Bagels' was a glorious mess that stumbled all over the place, just like people playing it thanks to its stomping low chords and stabbing bends. 'Vitamins' was a high octane thrill that utilized screechy high notes played with might and speed while contrasting with very lush vocals that mad My Bloody Valentine spring to mind. 'Melon Blade' was more laid back with serene vocals verging on spoken word. However, it still had the roughness and fire of Milk Teeth's overall sound.

A great show, which was everything you'd want out of punk band. High energy, a solid racket and vigorous songs that are sincere and played as if the band's life depended on it. Both energetic and deafening, be sure to see Milk Teeth when the opportunity arises.


Max Cussons

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