Review of Dance in My Blood Single by Men Women & Children

Men Women & Children
Dance in My Blood
Single Review

Men Women & Children Dance in My Blood Single

Electro pop rock brilliance is the only way to describe this debut single from Men Women & Children.

"Dance in my Blood" is what would happen if jamiroquai got in a fight with a classic hard rock band and them clappy kids from Fame! A pure feel good single that will get anyone, possibly even your own mother, up on the dance floor dancing like no-one is watching!! And although that may not be an appealing sight for you the sound is nothing but sweet.

The single hits you with an immediate guitar riff that breaks into a no holds barred synth & string extravaganza. As the chorus says "you don't need a reason, to get up on the dance floor", you certainly don't! So don your lycra sweat and head bands, hide your mother in the shed and dance like an absolute nutter to a song that will be playing over and over in your head all night.


Adam Prickett

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