Review of Run To Me Single by Memoirs

Memoirs is a band out of Los Angeles composed of bass, drums and guitar; in other words, a trio or trifecta of musicians giving it a shot. The band writes and plays what most would describe as alt rock, pop or even indie-rock music. Reviewers compare Memoirs to The Killers, Muse and Coldplay. It's not that they "sound" like any of the aforementioned, but they do play the same type of music.

Memoirs Run To Me Single

The band is dropping a single - 'Run To Me' - on March 11, 2016. The single is priming the pump for their EP, which will drop shortly afterwards. The title of the EP has not yet been disclosed, but if you're into playing the odds, it's a fairly safe bet that the EP will carry the same name as the single. 

'Run To Me' has no intro. Vocals, drums and keyboard initiate the tune, a mid-tempo tune reminiscent of The Killers and Fallout Boy, at least stylistically. The melody is simple yet effective, complemented by strong harmonies on the chorus. The vocalist, Frankie Siragusa, phrases well and, even though his voice reminds listeners of Brandon Flowers and/or Chris Martin, it's distinctive enough to set Memoirs apart. It's a voice custom-made for alt rock: strong and safe; the kind of voice that makes listeners pay attention to the lyrics, but doesn't overpower the music.

That being said, one wonders whether or not 'Run To Me' was the best choice to attract attention to the band's forthcoming EP. Naturally, not having heard the other songs on the EP, no definitive verdict is possible. Still, although 'Run To Me' is good, it's not great. It lacks impetus and dynamism. A more cogent tune, something more powerful and urgent might be in order. 

The big question is this: is 'Run To Me' indicative of the tunes on the impending EP? In other words, if 'Run To Me' is the best the EP has to offer, then chances are it will fall by the wayside. However, if the EP contains other more dynamic tunes, then it will be worth attention. All we can do is wait and see.

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