Review of Boy Bitten/Blood On The Moon Single by Mekon

Boy Bitten/Blood On The Moon
Single Review

Mekon Boy Bitten/Blood On The Moon Single

The two track titles on this release provoke an air of werewolves, however, this double single from Mekon's third studio album "Something Came Up" is much more frightening than any creatures of the night could possibly ever be...

The first single Boy Bitten is a trashy electro number that features all kinds of torturous synth action, a robotic-like vocal delivery from guest Rita Brown, filthy bass and heavy female breathing. It's a single embedded in filth and sure to satisfy any techno-hungry dancefloor. If your looking for an alternative description then just imagine Daft punk's "Technologic" forced through an industrial processor.

The second single Blood On the Moon features no other than Primal Scream front man Bobby Gillespie and Suicide's Alan Vega on guest duties. This one is on more of a breaks/trip-hop tip and even more rocking than Boy Bitten. Again wrenched in filth with the heavily treated vocals of Gillespie provoking menacing (yet rather enjoyable) nightmares, and numerous layers of dark, grainy/screaming synths provide walls of industrial noise that conjure up helpless feelings of a disorientated nature.

Both singles get a remix; the Boy Bitten (Padded Cell remix) goes down a house path with one of the funkiest basslines I've heard all year, and the Blood On The Moon (In Flagranti remix) follows a slow-paced dirty analogue electro route. Both remixes happen to be solid alternatives to the originals.

To wrap things up, both singles are as monstrous as they are quite outstanding, making this release an incredibly essential purchase. I can honestly say that I haven't come across electronic music as refreshing as this in a long, long time. So hat's off to Mekon and the guests. And beware. this shit is fucking heavy.

Colin Burrill