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McAlmont And Butler
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McAlmont And Butler Speed Single

Is this title supposed to be ironic? This song is neither speedy nor is it related to any illegal stimulant. Rubbish. But then McAlmont and Butler must need some slack. The duo parted company in 2003 after this track was rejected by EMI and now they're trying to re-emerge in musical terrain as harsh and unforgiving as a cactus that needs a shave.

It's even more surprising then that with everything to do they've chosen 'Speed'. The song -quite incredibly - sounds like it's ending the whole way through. There's no change in tempo, no recognisable mood or anything, just a bland slow plodding with the refrain of "keep moving" sounding more an encouragement to the asthmatic rhythm than the listener. Think of that final minute in the Beatles' 'I Am The Walrus' and multiply it by four.

McAlmont and Butler probably knew what they were trying to achieve with this lethargic track. Just because it's sluggish and simple is not to say that it's carelessly written or shallow. Radiohead proved that. But 'Speed' is more suited to the final track of an album than a single, and this is just too non-descript, despite the curious interest it conjures to make for a comeback.


Jamie Curtis

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