Review of Act 1: Heaven EP by LoveLess

Hailing from London, LoveLess are a quintet who have been garnering attention in the alternative music press.  Scheduled for release on 9th September, this quartet of songs is slated as the first in a trilogy that, in their own words, "marks a descent into darkness".

LoveLess Act 1: Heaven EP

'Omen' begins in atmospheric fashion, as if you've stumbled into an underground cult's sermon, before searing guitars kick in.  Little more than an introductory piece, it leads to 'Heaven', the sort of heavy rock with pop tendencies that Bring Me The Horizon have recently nailed.  The backing vocals work well, but ultimately it lacks any affecting characteristics.  They follow a similar route with 'Downpours', which proudly parades the metal influences of the band, while 'Ghost' is more generic and angst-ridden rocking,   This showcase of material certainly remains listenable throughout, but ultimately a lack of stand-out quality results in a lack of sustained interest.

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