Lost In Space

Lost In Space - Season 2 DVD Review

For all you space cadets out there who are not old enough to remember this seminal TV Sci-fi the first time around? The good people at Fox DVD have compiled the entire second series in a mammoth box set of this landmark television favourite. Before Star Trek came along the human race was discovering the universe in a much more camp manor. With zany planets inhabited by even zanier characters, Lost in Space still enchants and mesmerizes almost 40 years after its original release.

Re-board the Jupiter 2 with the Robinson family as Lost In Space Season 2 is released to buy on DVD on 5 th July 2004 in full colour for the first time! This memorable eight-disc collection features all 30 episodes from the second season for only 49.99 (RRP) from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Lost In Space - Season 2 DVD Review

The Jupiter 2 lifted off in a futuristic 1997, carrying onboard the five members of the Robinson family, pilot Major Don West, and the Robot on a mission to relocate to another planet. However, the ship became hopelessly lost when sabotaged by the cunning stowaway Dr. Smith. All aboard are classified Lost In Space', as they travel the universe, hoping to return to Planet Earth.

Season 2 starts with a bang, as in less than 20 hours a cataclysmic explosion caused by a stray mining engineer will rip apart the planet that the Robinsons are staying on. The Robinsons must prepare the ship for a quick take-off and blast into space once again for a whole host of new alien adventures! The Robinsons' journey through space brings them into contact with lots of strange alien races, including space vikings, androids, wizards and a memorable array of monsters!

The season also includes the favourite episode of Lost In Space fans, The Golden Man (as voted for on tvtome.com). Two warring factions, a golden man and a frog creature, land near the Robinsons. Penny aligns herself with the frog, while Dr. Smith sides with the golden man, who may not be as virtuous as he initially seems. This is also the one and only chance for fans to see "the potato-chipulator" gadget!

In another classic episode, Trip Through The Robot , the Robot loses power because he hasn't been recharged in weeks. He collapses in an area where gases in the air cause him to grow into a giant! Dr. Smith and Will must climb inside the Robot to find his internal computer and repair him.

Season 2 is the funniest season yet of the Irwin Allen created series as the Robinsons continue their cosmic adventures, and encounter even stranger alien life-forms! The DVD boxset includes a 20 minute automatically advancing stills gallery with audio commentary. Experience Lost In Space in full colour for the first time, as fans experience the perfect opportunity to add Season 2 to the first part of their collection, also still available to buy on DVD!


Title: Lost In Space Season 2 DVD box-set

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Release date: 5 th July 2004

Price (RRP): 49.99

Feature running time: Each episode approx. 49 minutes

Catalogue number: 23904

Language: English

Subtitle: English Hard Of Hearing

Original Aspect Ratio: 1.33 (4x3FF)

Sound Quality: English 2.0




Disc 1:

• Blast Off Into Space

• Wild Adventure

• The Ghost Planet

• The Forbidden World

Disc 2:

• Space Circus

• The Prisoners Of Space

• The Android Machine

• The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6

Disc 3:

• The Thief From Outer Space

• Curse Of Cousin Smith

• West Of Mars

• A Visit To Hades


Disc 4:

• The Wreck Of The Robot

• The Dream Monster

• The Golden Man

• The Girl From the Green Dimension

Disc 5:

• The Questing Beast

• The Toymaker

• Mutiny In Space

• The Space Vikings


Disc 6:

• Rocket To Earth

• The Cave Of The Wizards

• Treasures Of The Lost Planet

• Revolt Of The Android

Disc 7:

• The Colonists

• Trip Through The Robot

• The Phantom Family

• The Mechanical Man


Disc 8:

• The Astral Traveller

• The Galaxy Gift

• Automatically advancing stills gallery with audio interviews (20 mins)