Review of After My Divorce Single by Looker

Review of Looker's single 'After My Divorce'.

Looker After My Divorce Single

New Yorkers Looker are set to explode onto the scene wearing their hearts on the sleeves and with their new single 'After My Divorce' they are certainly going to get some tongues wagging. This band are banging out some hard hitting lyrics that probably have not dare been written since the Smiths. How bizarre is that a female lead vocal version of The Smiths, surely not! Well if 'After My Divorce' is anything to go by then yes and a close eye must be kept on Looker

What will be interesting to see is what the rest of this bands material is like, because they do have an interesting sound and great lyrics. The vocals are truly pure with less than pure lyrics. Looker are an interesting prospect.


Mark Moore

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