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Lo Ego sle.ep EP

It's time to put the noise back into Rock and that's where Lo Ego enter with their new four track EP sle.ep. Don't let the title suck you in though as once you listen to Back Pain you will be taken from the depths of your stereo to a far far place where music has feared to go since Black Sabbath. Martin Collins gives it his all vocally and stretches his voice to the extreme in order to get the standard that meets Lo Ego musically. Not to dissimilar to Mars Volta this track others the lot. The twist in the EP is that 'Gazes' casts a shadow of the old Radiohead days (before they made it really big). The dark side to the music is felt through every chord and lyric. 'At The End Of This' is one of the most intensive songs that I have heard in a while and it just shows the wide range that Lo Ego posses in their music and it brings you to wonder what will be up there sleeve for the album. You come to the last track 'Suffered A Loss' pushes and pulls you as it brings you up and then down, and then up again.
It just brings you to the conclusion that the EP should have been named awaken rather than sle.ep, because the Nottingham quintet have awaken something in their music.

Mark Moore

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