Review of Linchpin EP by Linchpin


Linchpin - EP Review

Linchpin - EP Review

Every wanted Good Charlotte and The Foo Fighters as your mates? Well these guys are best buds and are even signed to the Good’s own label!!!

Linchpin is a four piece band that hail from South London and have gained appraisal from the likes of Dave Grohl, Benji Madden and Fightstar!!

They release their debut EP on 25 th July just in time so that all you fans of Good Charlotte and Fightstar can learn the words as they’ll be supporting throughout September to December!

These guys are on their way to becoming the new Silverchair!!! And that’s a good comparison – I loved them!

“Jesus had long hair” is all about the trends all of you punk rockers set!! This is a proud song, and has wicked vocals from lead singer Joey Cass – the drumming is amazing and has the dark feel most rock songs have!!!

“Wanna wanna” has wicked drum roles at the beginning of the song, however it sounds exactly the same as the previous 3!!! Not that I’m bothered because it’s an EP with 4 great songs and new faces! It’s about time the music industry had something new to talk about!!!

Check out these guys on tour this year:

Saturday 4th June 2005

Fightstar + Linchpin @ Manchester Academy.

Saturday 11th June 2005

Linchpin + Femme Fatale @ Amida, Beckenham, London.

Linchpin will release a track on DC Flag Records later this year.

Candice Finney