Review of Trust Album by Less Win

A truly international affair, Less Win are a trio comprising a Spaniard, Australian and a Pole, billed as from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Signed to The Big Oil Recording Company, this album was recorded in analogue at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen.

Less Win Trust Album

A solid riff and thudding bass line allow 'Rituals' to begin things in fine rock form, but the turn on 'Bury The Heart' is to a slow, draining melody that quickly ends the early flow.  'Crucifix' is a nice burst of garage-rock, but 'Mare' is a more expansive, percussion-driven piece that fails to impress - consistency very much being an issue early on.  This is encapsulated in the zany 'Where You Lay Your Hands', with its fine hook and chorus, but annoyingly zany mid-section.   Even with a simple riff that should be likeable, 'Haunted Skin' bores by overplaying it, while the dramatics of 'A Thought TO Be More' come around at a time when interest has long since waned.  There are ideas here that should and at times do work, but ultimately Less Win get things right far less regularly than they should - less winning indeed.

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