Review of How it All Went Wrong Single by Les Incompetents

Les Incompetents
How it All Went Wrong
Single Review

Les Incompetents How it All Went Wrong Single

London band Les Incompetents release new single How It All Went Wrong on March 20th. First impressions is yet another Cockney band jumping on the band wagon left by Babyshanbles. The Opening guitar could easily be mistaken for Mr Doherty's former band, however it is the vocals of Billy Bell that distinguish the band from Babyshambles. I actually have to admit that this is definitely a catchy tune and is predicted to do well by all those who listen to it. The sextet's sound makes you think that this single was recorded while they were jumping about like lunatics, think pogo sticks and circus acts. Its fun and energetic and this is where it differs from Babyshmables, its upbeat without falling into the cheesy pop category. This is a great tune and highly recommended.


Joanne Nugent

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